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SINCE 2012

Our club opened the first time in 2012 to provide a techno reality in the city of Taranto,during these years of activity
we positioned ourself as one of the biggest electronic music reality of south italy
and we focus on becoming a even more big reality that takes distances from classic electronic clubs.


The club aims to promote freedom of expression and community growth.
All human beings are welcome.
Free dress code, smashing social barriers, connecting our people.
Everybody is welcome to have a good time and enjoy this club.
In the name of freedom and techno music,  regardless his ethnical features, sexual orientation, ideological and religious beliefs.


Welcome to the pure techno essence, where industrial reality of Taranto blends with marvelousness of music, in the heart of Landscape room.
Here, everynight, steel cages becomes the stage of a unique electronic music experience.
Inside Landscape, musical freedom is a constant invite.
Diving in the atmosphere notes are free to flow, unleashed, bringing with them the energy of a limitless night.
The heart of techno music beats so hard in this night shrine, where cages become stages for Djs.
Not just a techno room, but also an anthem to industrial aesthetic reflecting the vibes of the music played inside.


Welcome to Jackzone, the living heart of house music, where reality and fantasy dance togheter.
In this unique music realm revival aesthetics and vintage style revamps, surrounded by stunning light games.
Jackzone is an incredible trip against conventions, existing between dream and reality.
Each of the props and details in the room recreate this kind of magical surroundings.
That’s not just a room of the club but a true portal to
some magical field;
Where international DJs from all over the world can play their tunes and provide an unique experience to the dancers.